The brand is developing

We have taken time to review, add and change a few layouts and features on our site to hopefully enhance user experience.

We had a huge surge of enthusiasm and used too many elements on the website that the world just isn’t ready for yet. Recognising this we have reigned in our creativity reverted back to a cleaner layout. Making the phase one site design responsive for all screen sizes was a challenge to say the least… Abort and start again is often the best way to approach these situations. We’re brutal, but it’ll be worth it!- More updates to site coming very soon!

The team have worked flat out these last few months and gained some fantastic clients (Well done team!). So our attention is now on wrapping up all current projects for the holidays and placing our focus on quarter one 2018!- Marketing… However if you’re in a huge rush for a brand new website we could maybe squeeze a little one in before Santy arrives!

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Web Design Agency

So we’re the “old” kids on the block. And we’ve all been around it a few times too!

Our combined experience spans three decades, we certainly know what we’re doing by now… Kind of anyway… Our technical ability merged with our creative juices creates amazing results. At digital milkshake we offer website design and development services that are fantastic for those with an open approach to increasing their reach, brand awareness and lead conversion rate.

Give us a try if you have something special to share. We know our onions.

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