Based in Portugal Bearsu Relocation offer seamless migration services for UK based clients. Using a visual tone to promote a strong subliminal message, we looked at selling ‘lifestyle’ and ‘possibility’ through Bearsu.

Branding & Web Design

Portraying emotion, brand empathy and a relaxed “Portuguese” vibe we created a strong identity and website to engage their unique audience. Using relaxing panoramic video of coastal, mountainous and urban regions we offered a well balanced versatility to help ignite the user’s imagination. Bearsu creates a calm, reassuring experience for users as they consider a life changing decision. Whether viewers are looking to retire or move with family, the objective of the website was to provide a small taste of their desired lifestyle in Portugal.

Good use of negative space was essential to convey a sense of freedom and allow viewers to digest important information. All in all this was a fantastic project to be part of and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Bearsu.


Bearsu Web Design