Belta! – an up and coming affiliate and partner marketing consultancy based in Newcastle upon Tyne. Belta are generating waves in the industry and already working with a comprehensive list of big name brands.

Belta Branding

The brand. This was a very enjoyable branding project that we have been involved with from day one. We offered our analysis and creative input to help come up with a strong business name. With great legs for being memorable, playful and meaningful, Belta was a phrase that resonated with us all. 

A bold company required the support of a bold brand. We looked at expressing a very strong logo and used a simple yet vivid colour palette to capture the nature of the phrase ‘belta‘. 


Simple & engaging...

After designing a Belta brand, we needed a small website to back it up. Belta did not need a lot of functions at this stage, only a basic website for contact enquiries. The decision was made to spend more time on engaging features such as interactive animations and UX to strengthen the Belta brand.